Art Enrichment Program

Who are we?

The Art Enrichment Committee seeks to offer extraordinary experiences in the arts for all students at St. Joseph School. We expose each student to a wide variety of artists and artistic media as an integrated part of the school curriculum. Through art enrichment programming, we hope to bring an increased awareness of truth, goodness, and beauty into our school environment.

How are these programs made possible?

All of the current Art Enrichment Committee members are parent volunteers. We receive financial sponsorship and donations from the Home and School Association as well as individual donors. We have also received matching grants from employers and we are always seeking ways to fund the projects. All donations are acknowledged, appreciated, and well used!  

Student Experiences
Missoula Theatre
Professional Dance Lessons

Professional Art Projects with Resident Artists

The Art Enrichment Committee is pleased to offer another year of programming at St. Joseph School! This year we are focusing on bookmaking, author talks, and writing experiences. Our students are learning from authors Jeanne Styczinski and Ann Bausum about the process of writing and publication and are also working with them to create their own stories. They're also engaged in creating their own handmade books with art teacher Sara Cullen. Watch for information about an Evening of Storytelling to share stories, handmade books, fellowship and more.

In addition to our Year of Storytelling, we also collaborated with staff member Eric Stafford to offer professional dance instruction in P.E. 

We're also organizing a field trip to the Opera for 5th-8th grades on Wednesday, April 19th, to see a full-scale production of Mozart's The Magic Flute at Madison Opera. 

Please contact Sally Koehler at 563-4503 for more information or to find out how you can help!