Prayer Chain

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October 2020
Happy are those who search for God, and always do His will.

Thank you for your daily prayers for all those in need.  We know the power of prayer!

"Prayers for the grieving family and friends of my brother Jim Heiser who passed away and for the repose of his soul."

Parishioner who was hospitalized with chest pains and while a patient at St Mary's hospital with Covid-19 is now out of hospital and on home quarantine. Continued prayers appreciated.”

Petitions in Bold are new

Prayers needed for Joann Kersten who has tested positive for covid.
Prayers for Jeff Leemans, successful healing after surgery.

Prayers needed for the recovery of two parishioners diagnosed with Covid.

Prayers needed for Susan who after recovering from injuries from a fall, is now hospitalized because of blood clots which are causing serious concern.
A parishioner's friend Chris is Positive for Covid 19 and not feeling well.  His wife Amy is battling cancer.  She and 8 year old son Andrew have now tested positive.  Please pray for the whole family.

Pat Teed has been diagnosed with very advanced cancer and the outlook is "grim." Many prayers are needed for Pat, wife Linda & family.
Prayers much needed for a parishioner who has been fighting breast cancer and now has been diagnosed with Covid 19.
Prayers for the father of Msgr. Duane Moellenberndt, Wallace Moellenberndt who passed away on Wednesday, October 7 and for the repose of his soul.

A parishioner's friend who has been diagnosed with brain cancer that has spread to her bones passed away on Tuesday September 29th. Please pray for the repose of her soul & for her grieving family & friends. Prayers for Danielle who has serious Covid symptoms and is waiting for the results of testing. Prayers for a parishioner with continued cardiac issues who was transferred by ambulance to St Mary's for cardiac catheterization and further testing

Prayers for Susan; recovery from a broken arm suffered in a fall and a head injury requiring stitches

Prayers much needed for Natalie; recovery from serious health issues

A parishioner’s cousin's daughter with Crones Disease has discovered enlarged lymph nodes on her neck, and is facing biopsies on them. Prayers needed for a good outcome and strength for the family.

Prayers needed for a parishioner's mother, recently admitted to St. Mary's Hospital and is now in a transitional rehab facility in Fort Atkinson.  Prayers that she regains her strength, and to return home

Continued prayers needed for Debbie who has MS, is home after being hospitalized and is very weak with kidney, liver problems and heavy rehabilitation. Prayers needed that she gets her strength back

For all who are facing unemployment or who are already unemployed due to COVID-19, that they will be able to access resources available to help them in this health crisis

Pray for children in Child Protective Services as they heal from emotional, physical abuse and neglect

Prayers for St. Joseph parishioners in assisted living and nursing homes

Prayers for those who have lost or are losing their jobs because of plant closings or downsizing

Prayers for all those grieving the loss of a loved one

Prayers including all petitions, which will be added during this month

Prayers for those who have health problems or emotional problems causing distress


Prayers needed for Bill who is at Fort Health Rehab and is very ill

Prayers for a parishioner continuing to battle stage III breast cancer

Please pray for a parishioner's friend who has been diagnosed with brain cancer that has spread to her bones. Prayers for God's will, and for strength for her & her family as they deal with this prognosis

Prayers for Chris that she gets help with health and work problems 


Prayers for a positive outcome for a family as they deal with financial and health related issues

The parishioner's cousin battling an advanced cancer is now cancer free thanks to all of our prayers and aggressive radiation/chemotherapy treatments. There are a couple of "hot spots" to watch, so please keep her in your prayers

Prayers needed for a parishioner's friend who has been diagnosed with colon cancer

Prayers for Jeff H. who is suffering with dementia and for his caretaker   

Prayers needed for Mary L. who is suffering with dementia and for her caretaker


Please pray for the repose of the soul of Michael who took his own life recently. Pray that his parents, sister and nephews along with all of his relatives and friends find a peace of mind and renewed faith as they come to terms with this tragedy

Please pray for the parents and family of baby Ryker who was full term and was stillborn.  Pray they will know the comfort that Jesus brings and for the repose of the soul of baby Ryker

Prayers for a parishioner's friend; continued successful recovery from prostate surgery 

Prayers for a parishioner's friend who had blood work checking on possible kidney failure.  Prayers are needed please for positive results

Prayers needed for Mary C; successful recovery from back surgery

Prayers needed for Patrick who had chemo treatment and did well.  Now they have done an xray on his liver and will be doing an MRI.  Prayers please so his diagnosis will be good with no cancer

Prayers much needed for Fran who survived cardiac arrest, and for her family. Help them follow God's will and accept her wishes and bring the family together with her legacy


Prayers for Carol to have a successful recovery from surgery

Prayers much needed for a mother of 3 whose cancer has returned to her bone and liver

Prayers needed for a parishioner’s friend Rose who is in a Madison Hospital with Covid 19

Prayers for Betty Teed who is in rehab recovering from injuries received in a fall

Prayers needed for a parishioner’s brother Jim, who has cancer for the 3rd time and the doctors told him that it would be lifelong

Prayers for Katie and her children; for strength and Gods love at this difficult time and in the future


Prayers needed for Carman who is suffering from dementia

Prayers for Sharon, recovery from a recent fall on cement stairs causing quite a lot of pain

Prayers are desperately needed for the strength and improved health of Sean Stark. After his bile duct blockage last year, he continues to have serious problems. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. 

Prayers for Mary, relief from hip pain caused by a pinched nerve

Prayers for Tom's Dad, after tests no cancer was found but several other serious health issues are causing various problems and pain. Prayers needed that the meds and treatment will be successful

Prayers needed for Nancy, recovery from surgery for a broken hip and Dick who has alzheimers


Prayers needed for Jeff Adsit who has recently been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and will go through chemo treatment

Prayers for a parishioner's friend having surgery to place a shunt to ease migraine headaches; successful surgery & recovery

Prayers for James Schultz who has Leukemia and is receiving Chemo, that the treatment is successful and he becomes cancer free

Prayers needed for Sister Jean Herman, a nun from Manitowoc who is dying from cancer. That God will take her home soon and she will not have to suffer anymore


A parishioner’s sister-in-law lost her brother-in-law in the mass shooting at Miller Brewery. Please pray for his wife Dori & their children.

Prayers for John, recovery from a fall & successful surgery & recovery from another condition

Prayers for Kurt, a seventh grader facing chemo treatments for cancer, that the treatments will be successful and without too many side effects

Dick Lundt, who had treatment for throat cancer, is now cancer free. Please continue to keep him in your prayers to stay free in the future

Prayers needed for a parishioner's family member from Oshkosh, Denny Hielke, who was in a bad snowmobile accident and had two surgeries on his leg and may need more so he does not lose his 

leg. Prayers also appreciated for the extended family


Prayers needed for Al who is under hospice care with health problems


Ann, who is suffering with a lot of pain which could possible be coming from the Shingles she had a few months ago needs prayers that they find out the source of the pain and start treatment

Prayers needed for a parishioner's daughter; successful treatment & recovery from stomach cancer

Prayers needed for Terry who is in liver failure that he may find peace in his final days.

Prayers for a parishioner's special friend diagnosed with breast cancer and for successful treatment

Prayers are much needed for a parishioner's brother David having serious health problems suddenly, and several valve replacements are scheduled. Prayers also needed for his family and friends 

Prayer for a parishioner's cousin Ruth who fell and broke her elbow, arm and three ribs; that they all heal completely and cause her no trouble in the future
Prayers for a parishioner's friend diagnosed with a tumor on his thyroid; successful treatment
and recovery

Please pray for Mary who is hospitalized with unknown brain swelling and complications

Prayers needed for Sean Gregory Stark who has been hospitalized with a blood infection and complications from bile duct surgery

Prayers are needed for a woman experiencing severe, prolonged back issues, that she gets better soon

Prayers needed for David Guld, who has throat cancer

Prayers for a parishioner's friend Lisa's sister, Julie, dealing with a possible return of her thyroid cancer
Prayers for a parishioner's friend, Pat who is going through breast cancer treatment.

Prayers needed for a parishioner's sister, Mary Theodoreau, for recovery from recurring ovarian cancer

Prayers for a grieving family who lost a loved one to suicide


Prayers for a young mother of 3 who has been diagnosed with bone cancer and for her family, as they struggle with this diagnosis

Prayers for Jill who has multiple sclerosis and her husband, Mark who is caring for her  

Prayers for successful treatment and recovery for a parishioner battling recurring endometrial cancer 

Prayers needed for Cathy diagnosed with cancer of the spleen and for her family

Prayers are much needed for a friend of a parishioner's friend who is dealing with throat cancer and has a very serious surgery coming up without hopeful options.

Prayers are needed for a parishioner's friend that chemo and radiation treatments for cervical cancer are successful and that as she gains her health she keeps Our Lord first in her life


Prayers for Matt, who has Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia  . His sister, who was a perfect match, harvested her stem cells and things are all in place for his transplant. Prayers needed that everything is successful

Please pray for successful treatment & recovery from lymphoma mass on lung for Brian Osterhaus (son-in-law of Jim & Audrey Kammer) and prayers for his family

Prayers for Mike & his family, that he will have successful heart surgery & recovery

Prayers for D.R., successful recovery from injuries suffered in a fall

Prayers needed for a parishioner to make right decisions and for good health

Prayers for a parishioner’s daughter suffering from problems dealing with family troubles


Petitions not terminal or cancer are removed after six months and all petitions are removed after one year. If you would like them on longer, give me a call, or email and I will give them a current date.   

Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us.   Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen.                                                 

For updates on petitions, or new requests:  phone:  Judy Mueller  563-6867  email: