Prayer Chain



August 2019

”Be gentle today with those you love. Treat them like priceless treasures...for they are.
Thank you for your daily prayers for all those in need.
We know the power of prayer!

Petitions in Bold are new

Petitions in Bold are new

Prayers needed for a parishioner to make right decisions and for good health.

Please pray for a parishioner's daughter who is having a severe emotional crisis of not wanting to be alive anymore

Prayers for Fr. Bill, that the Diocesan inquiry into charges will also find him innocent and ready to be restored to his priestly duties

Prayers needed that treatment for Debbie who is battling throat cancer will be successful & find her in remission soon

Continued prayers needed for my brother-in-law Bob, who has improved since his back surgery, is having another surgery for problems caused by his first surgery and strength for his wife, Marilyn

Prayers for Ray Robinson's friend who is losing strength quickly while doctors cannot figure out why

Prayers for those who have health problems or emotional problems causing distress

Pray for children in Child Protective Services as they heal from emotional, physical abuse and neglect

Prayers for St. Joseph parishioners in assisted living and nursing homes

Prayers for those who have lost or are losing their jobs because of plant closings or downsizing

Prayers for all those grieving the loss of a loved one

Prayers including all petitions, which will be added during this month


Prayers needed for a parishioner who had open-heart surgery in September and prayers for his family

Prayers that parishioners will volunteer to serve St. Joseph Church in sacristy, eucharistic adoration sign up and other services as requested

For Matt, diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, finished 3 rounds of chemo and they discovered thyroid cancer which will be removed and then will have a stem cell transplant mid September. Prayers needed for a miracle.

For a family dealing with an opioid crisis involving death and arrest; strength to face the consequences

For a family man facing chemo treatments for cancer; that he can tolerate them with minimal stress & that they be successful in destroying the cancer cells, and for his family

For successful surgery and recovery for a parishioner's brother

Prayers for Jerry T who is receiving therapy to recover use of right arm and hand after severe burns

Continued prayers needed for Angie on home kidney dialysis, had one leg amputated, and prayers also for her husband Randy, her caretaker

Continued prayers for Sr. Jean who is failing with dementia 


Prayers for Sue S. who needs relief from many health problems

Prayers for Makena Eighmy who is receiving a stem cell bone marrow transplant and prayers are needed for successful results. Prayers also appreciated for her family

Prayers needed for a parishioner's son, Sean, who is in need of several surgeries and procedures and also needed for his physical and spiritual strength

Prayers are needed for successful recovery from extensive surgery for Ken and also for his family

Prayers for successful recovery from surgery for a parishioner's friend who has a lung disease


Prayers needed for a parishioner battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer

Prayers for healing and grace for a parishioner’s daughter, son-in-law and granddaughters, They just had a stillborn baby girl and sister

Prayers much needed for the sister of one of our teachers who has been in and out of the hospital with very serious kidney problems, other health problems and no solution

Prayers for a parishioner's niece, that her breast cancer surgery be successful, her recovery complete.

Prayers needed for person with recurring breast cancer

Prayers for a parishioner's cousin's son, whose testicular cancer metastasized to his lungs, that the treatments he is receiving, are successful

Prayers for a parishioner’s sister's emotional health.

Prayers needed for the brother of Mike Phelps whose surgery for a broken hip was successful and now has to make a decision about a major surgery on other health issues

For a parishioner receiving chemo, that treatments will be effective
For a young woman awaiting results of tests for cervical cancer hoping tests are benign

Prayers for a parishioner's sister's emotional health


Continued prayers for Fr. Dave Timmerman who had open-heart surgery and is slowly recovering  

Prayers needed for MaryPat Cook's daughter Megan; recovery from surgery because of a severe Kidney infection. She has a large stone that would not pass and had surgery to put in a stent

For a family dealing with their 1 1/2 yr. old daughter/granddaughter who has spina bifida & other serious health concerns, & has been in critical care. Prayers for strength to understand God's will
For a homeless person, contemplating suicide, that she will realize there is help & god is there for her

For a parishioner’s friend who needs a kidney transplant, that his name will come up soon on a list, before he has to start dialysis.


Prayers for Stephanie Godfrey who lost both her husband and son and now her son Philip is in ICU at UW Health, Madison and daughter Kathy Godfrey Cordio is at UW Hosp. for diagnosis and successful treatment of medical problem. They all need our prayers

Prayers for a parishioner recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and will be seeing the oncologist for diagnosis and future treatments. Prayers also for his family

Prayers for successful surgery needed for Pat, who is finally having a major surgery. He has a precancerous condition but they are going in to hopefully remove it

Prayers for Renee, recently paralyzed. Please pray for her recovery, and comfort for her husband and sons

Prayers needed for Lamont Bolden who has heart problems and other health issues


Prayers needed for Bob to find a doctor who can solve his severe health problems

Prayers needed for Erica Borowski, mother of two children under 5 yrs.  She has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer which has claimed four other women in her family                                                       

Prayers needed for Gloria M. who is receiving hospice.


Prayers for Patricia S; recovery and possible treatment for hip pain, schizophrenia, deep depression and also prayers needed for both her sister Kathryn and brother Peter, recovery from recent back surgery

Prayers for Mary Pat's cousin Kathy who just lost her husband Iver to a massive heart attack & also, his sister Tara so Kathy is dealing with two deaths in a very short time. Prayers needed for her & family

Prayers needed for Dorothy J; recovery from serious health problems

Prayers for h to find comfort in spite of emotional and physical pain

For Bri to find comfort in God's love and protection

For Nickie and Ann to be filled with the joy of the holy spirit and be comforted

For Autumn to overcome obstacles & not get discouraged, with positivity, understanding & love

Prayers needed for Mark Hertl; successful treatment & recovery from cancer and for his family

Prayers needed for Ron Knoble who has been hospitalized with a blood clot in the brain along with his cancer and prayers also appreciated for his wife, Mary Jane


Prayers for Baby with pneumonia, RDV, seriously ill, is doing better but is still in need of prayers

Prayers needed for healing of a parishioner's mother who had a fall resulting in surgery

Prayers needed for Christine to find answers to her health problems

Prayers for a parishioner's cousin Chad just been diagnosed with and started chemotherapy for leukemia. He’s married with children and needs prayers for healing and for his family in this struggle

Prayers needed for Pat S, after suffering through several different kinds of cancer, hope for a positive CT scan finding no new or active cancer


Prayers for a parishioner’s mother who suffers from physical and mental health problems and has entered a psychiatric unit and especially needs prayers

Prayers for Michelle Carl; successful recovery from surgery


Prayers for Agnes Hall, advanced in age with failing health and for her caregiver husband Walter

Prayers needed for Andrew Stuehler who was diagnosed with cancer and also for the resulting anxiety


Prayers for Angie Gjertson Kratz & her family; she has just been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer which has spread to her liver & her stomach.  Also prayers for her mother & stepfather. He has dementia & will have to go into a care facility.

Prayers for a parishioner's sister who had surgery for an abdominal aortic aneurysm, that she will have a recovery without complications

Prayers needed for Fr. Pete's sister-in-law, Gisela Auer, who has pancreatic cancer

For successful treatment & recovery for a parishioner recently diagnosed with leukemia

Prayers are needed for a successful recovery from heart attack and surgery for Bob Allard, grandfather of 3 St. Joseph students

For a parishioner's daughter's co-worker who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will begin treatment.  Prayers for a successful recovery and strength for her and her family

Prayers for Michael for his chronic pain and health issues that he may find comfort, peace, love and understanding

Prayers needed for Linda, recently diagnosed with breast cancer and now undergoing chemotherapy

 Petitions not terminal or cancer are removed after six months and all petitions are removed after one year. If you would like them on longer, give me a call, or email and I will give them a current date.  

 Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us.   Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen. 
For updates on petitions, or new requests:  phone:  Judy Mueller  563-6867  email:                                                                                                         


nd for the repose of her soul.”

“Prayers for the grieving family and friends of James Norman Godfrey and for the repose of his soul.”

Petitions in Bold are new

Prayers for Angie nd their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen.