Parish Prayer Chain


November 2017

”God fills our lives with gifts of His goodness when we give Him the gift of our hearts.

Thank you for your daily prayers for all those in need.  We know the power of prayer!

“Prayers for the grieving family and friends of Lu Majewski and for the repose of her soul.”

“Michelle has had no growth in the malignant brain tumor, but a small spot on her lung that is being closely watched. She is still on oral chemo, but is back to work fifteen hours per week. Continued prayers would be appreciated.”

Petitions in Bold are new

Prayers needed for Justine; successful surgery and recovery from serious health problems
Pat F. needs prayers for successful treatment for Parkenson's Disease
Prayers for Mary Schlesner; successful physical therapy since surgery, that she is able to walk

Prayers for Karen to participate in needed therapy since her recent knee surgery

Pray for healing & peace of mind for Bill & family as he is treated for 3 (90%) blockages of arteries.

Prayers for Tony who has Parkinson's disease, successful surgery & recovery.

Prayers for successful treatment for a parishioner's friend John, just diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Prayers needed for Ray Robinson, a middle school teacher at SJS who recently experienced some chest pain, was hospitalized but is back in school

Prayers for the successful treatment of a parishioner recently diagnosed with prostate cancer

Prayers for three separate special intentions from parishioners

Prayers for improved health for Linda, who is in the hospital with congestive heart failure

For Judy Ostler; recovery for injuries in an auto accident & recovery of the sight in her injured eye

For Greg & Pat's daughter Catherine, just blessed with a baby girl, found out her enlarged liver has multiple lesions. Prayers needed for a good result of the biopsy or effective treatment.               Prayers for Ron, successful recovery from serious surgery, and strength for his wife Sandy

Prayers for Mrs. K, correct diagnosis & speedy recovery

Prayers for Laverne Ketcherside for help to maintain her strength and faith as she helps and supports her husband Mike since his surgery and as a cancer survivor herself

Continued prayers needed for June Ward, she is doing better (more use of her left leg) but she suffered a slight heart attack recently that set her back a bit again

Prayers for children in Child Protective Services as they heal from emotional and physical abuse and neglect

Prayers for St. Joseph parishioners in assisted living and nursing homes

Prayers for those who have lost or are losing their jobs because of plant closings or downsizing

Prayers for all those grieving the loss of a loved one

Prayers for all petitions added during this month


Prayers needed for Jerry who deserted his faith, work, children and grand children after the death of his wife that he returns to faith and family

Prayers for a parishioner's son with a serious drug addiction & for the family & loved ones involved

Prayers are much needed for a parishioner's nephew, Terry from Texas, who has a cancerous brain tumor and will have surgery followed by radiation and chemotherapy.  Prayers also for his family

Prayers for strength for the parents and grandparents of Baby Charlotte who will be born with Spina Bifida and for God's will

Prayers for 12 year old Makena Eighmy whose cancer has returned and is once again undergoing chemo treatments

Prayers needed for Matthew C who was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma.  His treatment will include both chemo and surgery

Prayers for the successful treatment of a parishioner recently diagnosed with cancer

Prayers needed for Debbie Pierce who has just been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and for successful treatment

Continued prayers for MaryLou's daughter who is healing from emergency surgery that she will have a successful recovery

Prayers needed for Emma, 14, successful recovery from surgery to remove and replace a shunt


For Joan W. who had a car accident, is suffering from depression and refuses necessary care

Prayers needed for MaryAnn for continued courage for dealing with a terminal illness along with other challenges in life to continue with heartfelt service for others

Prayers for Betty Schmaling for a successful and speedy recovery from a broken knee without surgery


Prayers needed for a parishioner whose metastatic cancer has returned

Prayers for a parishioner’s daughter, Teri, who has several health issues and is in severe pain, that her doctors find some answers for her

Prayers needed for a parishioner's family member with a serious liver problem

Prayers for strength for an elderly person who lost a lot of money in a scam and is now struggling to pay rent, her bills and for her family to be more understanding and forgiving

Prayers for successful surgery and recovery for Duane who will be having surgery to repair damage done June 19th to his inner ear

Prayers are needed for Bob having unknown bleeding in the colon.  He has had some surgery and more is scheduled.  Prayers needed for successful surgery and recovery


Prayers for better health for Sean and strength to make positive choices

Prayers for Gerry suffering from a debilitating condition and needs help in her home

Prayers for Chris suffering with mental illness

Prayers needed for John, who had a stroke

Prayers for the recovery of Joyce, age 88, suffering from shingles."

Prayers for Gary R. - successful results from treatment for a serious infection

Prayers for Bev successful recovery from back surgery

Prayers needed for Amy Fahey for successful recovery from open heart surgery


Prayers for Karen- recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Prayers for a parishioner’s two family friends with a drinking problem

For Mona, the grandmother of a friend of a parishioner who is having health issues and to determine what is or isn't feasible to prolong her life

For strength for Kelly, just diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer & starting treatment next week and for her worried young son that he feel loved and supported  

For a parishioner's friend diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, and now shingles; payers for her & her family to deal with these newest health issues

Prayers for Louise Keating who is in assisted living, diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease and for recovery from a fall resulting in hip surgery

Prayers for a parishioner's daughter in her in her employment search in finding employment

Prayers needed for Trish; successful recovery from hip surgery


Prayers for Maria who has Parkinsons & her family is negligent in properly taking care of her meds

Prayers for Charlie Bardanwerper recovering from a stroke and for his family

Prayers for the premature baby of a parishioner’s Granddaughter who had an emergency cesarean 

Prayers needed for Deanna Shimpach who has gone through a couple of surgeries on her leg

Prayers for Terry who is in the hospital with life threatening health problems

Continued prayers for Walt Herrmann who is in a rehab nursing home

Prayers needed for Don; good test results and improved health

Prayers needed for Dave, a young man, with an ankle wound and serious medical problems.               4/17   

Prayers for Steve Stephenson recovering from a stroke

Prayers needed for Karen Seifert who has cancer and is on hospice in Richland Center​

Prayer for Jeanne, sweet daughter of a parishioner's friend, just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Prayers needed for continued healing for Judy Maas


Prayers are needed for 3 yr. Lucas who has been running high fevers; that Doctors make him well

Prayers for Robert Murley; recovery from surgery, several falls and for his wife Joan, his caregiver

Prayers for a successful recovery for Terry who had open-heart surgery and an aneurism removed

Prayers are needed for a parishioner's grandson, Caleb (13months) who is in the pediatric intensive care unit in Salt Lake City and prayers for his family 


Please pray for the parents of Tim Voss. His Mom has a heart surgery emergency & his Dad's Parkinson is getting worse.

Prayers for healing for Linda Behling with various medical problems with infection, breathing problems, so she can become strong, and walk without hindrances

The baby who had major heart surgery is progressing well. Please keep prayers that the baby can come home soon and strength for his parents

Prayers for Linda Maasz-Schaller; successful recovery from surgery                                                                                                                     

Prayers requested for Hans for a speedy and healthy recovery from open-heart surgery

Prayers needed for a high school student in critical condition

Prayers needed for a parishioner's friend's daughter Carmen who fell and suffered a traumatic brain injury and had to have a portion of her skull removed to relieve pressure


The man diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and had an intense treatment regimen at Froedert is now 100 days post transplant and his new bone marrow is starting to flourish

Prayers requested for a parishioner's Sister-in-Law, Joan, who is steadily declining due to increased congestive heart failure and resulting problems from this.  Also prayers needed for the family

Prayers needed for the successful recovery of 3 yr. old Luke who had brain surgery


Prayers for Larry Starkweather whose cancer has returned

Prayers needed for Joy Witkins' sister who has been diagnosed with ALS.

For a parishioner's family friend, Ron K. who is having open heart surgery

Greg Gehred needs prayers for recovery from serious back problems and neuropathy of legs and feet

Prayers needed for Ellie Hahnl - her feet are not working correctly, and her eyes sight is failing

Prayers for a parishioner's friend Richard, from Nevada, just diagnosed with leukemia

Continued prayers for Jill suffering with severe multiple scleroses and for her husband who is caring for her and also has health problems


For updates on petitions, or new requests:  phone:  Judy Mueller  563-6867  email:                                                                                                         

Please let me know if any petitions that were removed need to be put back on. Petitions not terminal or cancer are removed

after six months and all petitions are removed after one year. If you would like them on longer, give me a call, or email and I will give them a current date.                                                    


Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us.   Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen.


For updates or new requests, contact:

Judy Mueller       (920) 563-6867     jmaepray2013@    

Petitions not terminal or cancer are removed after six months.

All other petitions are removed after one year.

If you would like a petition kept on the prayer chain longer, call or email.