Prayer Chain


August 2018

”The fruit of silence is prayer: the fruit of prayer is faith; the fruit of faith is love; the fruit of love is service;

the fruit of service is peace.

Thank you for your daily prayers for all those in need.  We know the power of prayer!

“The cousin of a parishioner had his children baptized. Thank you for your prayers.”

“Laura, a nurse, has recovered from severe knee problems and is back to work. Thank you for your prayers.”

“The family of five children who lost their mother and their father has mental problems are being cared for by their grandma, Julia, and are doing quite well.  Thank you for your prayers.”

“Daniel J., diagnosed with cancer in multiple parts of his body, including his bones, has passed away; prayers are  needed  for his wife and family, for strength to get through this sad and difficult time.”

Petitions in Bold are new

Prayers are needed for Dan and Beth. Please Pray for good news from their Doctors and healing.
Prayers for Bev who will be having knee surgery late August
Update on Doug who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He has started chemo and is going through very rough times and would appreciate all the prayers he can get.
Prayers for Becky who has several health issues, including leukemia, has been diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis
Steve, who was just admited to Hospice, has passed away.  Prayers are needed for his family
For Christie Marx's niece, Alyca Marx, who was in a car accident and has two broken ribs."
For Pat Sullivan; recovery from reoccurring cancer and good test results that it's lymphoma rather than the others
The parishioner's brother, having treatment for heart issues & knee surgery is finishing in-patient rehab & will be home, God willing, next week.  Continued prayers would be appreciated as he continues to heal.  Thank you for all the prayers so far; God is Good.
Prayers for Roger who fell and broke his hip and is having trouble stabilizing after surgery

Prayers needed for Elaine, Marcia, David and Leonard, all with serious health issues and living in senior housing

Prayers needed for Pat Lenz who is on hospice care with pulmonary fibrosis

Catherine Gehred Griffin's cancer came back in other areas and will attack anywhere, at any time. She is now on a new-targeted therapy; the med itself is a pill taken on a schedule like the chemo. Prayers are needed that this new method will be successful and that she may have God's Strength and Healing in this new protocol

Prayers for a parishioner's mother, Mary Ann, who recently fell and broke several bones. She needs prayers to get through her rehabilitation

Prayers needed for successful results from a biopsy for Erika Kempf

Please Pray for Rhonda who has started a Clinical Trial to address her cancer.

Prayers for a parishioner's brother, successful treatment for heart issues and successful recovery from knee surgery

Prayers for Sandy Delisi, who is the sister-in-law of a parishioner, and has suffered a stroke.  Prayers also needed for the family for the strength to care for her and keep her comfortable at home

Pray for children in Child Protective Services as they heal from emotional, physical abuse and neglect

Prayers for St. Joseph parishioners in assisted living and nursing homes

Prayers for those who have lost or are losing their jobs because of plant closings or downsizing

Prayers for all those grieving the loss of a loved one

Prayers for all petitions added during this month


Continued prayers for Karen with  multiple health problems and recent knee surgery to increase her strength in walking.

Continued prayers needed for Jerry who deserted his faith, children and grand children after the death of his wife that he returns to faith and family

Prayers for Peter Andrew's emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological healing

Prayers needed for improved health for J. Paul Milleson

Prayers needed for Doug who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is awaiting surgery

Prayers for Dale Mueller who has been hospitalized due to brain damage


Prayers needed for a parishioner who has been hospitalized for her heart condition

Please pray for Angie who recently went on kidney dialysis and her husband Randy, her caretaker

Prayers for our parish and all involved with the circumstances of Fr. Bill.

Prayers for a successful recovery from surgery for Eileen Spitzer who fractured her shoulder in a fall


Prayers for DJ for successful future neck surgery and for a good and speedy recovery

Prayers for Cindy who injured her arm in a fall and if surgery is needed, prayers for successful surgery and recovery

Prayers needed for Makena Eighmy diagnosed with leukemia, for a successful stem cell transplantation and for her family


That God will give a 16 yr. old boy the strength to be assertive to express which parent is best for him to live with at this point of his life

Prayers for a parishioner's Aunt scheduled for surgery that it is successful and the rehab goes well

Prayers needed for Bob who has MS

Prayers needed for J.D. that treatment for his serious health condition will be successful

Prayers needed for Tony who has leukemia and is in the hospital in Madison

Prayers for Ann Frey, successful recovery from recent surgery

For Don, dealing with severe arthritis & other health concerns, that he will realize his limitations and allow help for his situation

Recovery from a heart attack for Jim & strength for whatever life changes might be in the future for he & his wife who has MS.  Jim is her caregiver

That a young woman will have success in finding a new job


Prayers for Linda Maaz Shaller, successful recovery from surgery

Prayers for Elizabeth Olson Figmomb who will deliver her baby at 30 weeks and needs prayers

Prayers needed for a parishioner's friend diagnosed with liver, bone and lung cancer & outlook not good

Prayers for Jack who has had multiple surgeries and medical problems that he has better health

Prayers needed for a parishioner just diagnosed with breast cancer as she starts treatment

Prayers are needed for workers at a Madison company who are worried they will be let go since another company has recently purchased the company


Please pray for great test results for Rhonda who is had a PET scan to check if the chemo is shrinking her tumors

Please pray for Tina, a young friend of a parishioner just diagnosed with cancer

For Joy Witkins sister, Dixie, who is suffering from ALS and has difficulty with her daily routines

Prayers for 5 yr. old Bryant being treated for an inherited itchy skin disease and now also for a younger sister who has the same problem

Prayers needed for Harvey Pohlie who has cancer, for successful treatment

Prayers for strength needed for Jim R. who is in the last stages of cancer and for his family

Prayers needed for Jennifer Wiegand who has broken her left ankle

For Bobbie, who is having genetic testing to find out her chances of pancreatic cancer.  Her dad and 2 uncles passed away from this terrible disease, and her oldest sister, passed away Jan. 2, 2018 from this same disease.  Prayers for a successful outcome


Prayers for Mae Stellmacher, a grandmother, who is very sick and needs prayers

For a parishioner’s mother, Ruth, who has multiple health problems

Prayers needed for Margaret, successful recovery from surgery

Prayers needed for Marlene who was in a serious car accident and is in critical condition

Successful surgery & recovery for a parishioner's friend involved in a serious accident & strength for his family during this difficult time


Prayers needed for Mary Carlin who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer

Prayers for Bob who is having brain surgery for a serious tremor, that it is successful

Please pray for a young man who is going through surgery for an aneurysm and heart problems

Prayers needed for Justine, successful surgery and recovery from serious health problems.

Prayers needed for Pat F. - successful treatment for Parkinson’s disease   




Continued prayers for Jill suffering with severe multiple scleroses and for her husband, Mark who is caring for her and also has health problems and for a more helpful living arrangement

Prayers for Mary Schlesner, that she continue to improve her ability to walk

Pray for healing & peace of mind for Bill & family as he is treated for 3 (90%) blockages of arteries.

Prayers for Tony who has Parkinson's disease; successful surgery & recovery.

Prayers for three separate special intentions from parishioners

Prayers for improved health for Linda, who is in the hospital with congestive heart failure

For Judy Ostler; recovery for injuries in an auto accident & recovery of the sight in her injured eye

Prayers for Ron, successful recovery from serious surgery, and strength for his wife Sandy

Prayers for Mrs. K, correct diagnosis & speedy recovery

Prayers for Laverne Ketcherside for help to maintain her strength and faith as she helps and supports her husband Mike since his surgery and as a cancer survivor herself


Prayers for a parishioner's son with a serious drug addiction & for the family & loved ones involved

Prayers are much needed for a parishioner's nephew, Terry from Texas, who has a cancerous brain tumor and will have surgery followed by radiation and chemotherapy.  Prayers also for his family

Prayers for strength for the parents and grandparents of Baby Charlotte who will be born with Spina Bifida and for God's will

Prayers needed for Matthew C who was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma.  His treatment will include both chemo and surgery

Prayers for the successful treatment of a parishioner recently diagnosed with cancer

Prayers for Debbie Pierce, diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and for successful treatment

Continued prayers for MaryLou's daughter, healing from emergency surgery, for a successful recovery


Prayers needed for MaryAnn for continued courage for dealing with a terminal illness along with other challenges in life to continue with heartfelt service for others


For updates on petitions, or new requests:  phone:  Judy Mueller  563-6867  email:                                                                                                          

Please let me know if any petitions that were removed need to be put back on. Petitions not terminal or cancer are removed after six months and all petitions are removed after one year. If you would like them on longer, give me a call, or email and I will give them a current date.  


Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us.   Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen.