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March 2017

”Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope.

Thank you for your daily prayers for all those in need.  We know the power of prayer!

"Ron Knoble - Thank you for the prayers, as it turns out, the cancer was a misdiagnoses, or perhaps God's intervention."

“Joan Yaeggi is recovering well from surgery and she and Norb are back home and doing all right.​”

“Prayers for the grieving family and friends of Vern Ruzicka and for the repose of his soul.”

“Therese is home and doing amazingly well since her heart attack & surgery; thank you for all the prayers. Continued prayers would be appreciated.”

Petitions in Bold are new

​Prayers needed for strength for the family of Norbert who along with other medical problems has had a brain tumor removed and has still not regained consciousness
Prayers needed for Karen Seifert who has cancer and is on hospice in Richland Center
Prayer for Jeanne, sweet daughter of a parishioner's friend, just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer
Prayers for the family of a parishiner's friend, Joe Peterson. He was on a family vacation at Yosemite with his wife, high school & college children, fell, hit his head and passed away

Prayers  for strength for Jody who has had some abrupt changes in her life, (some good, some sad) and for success as she is starting a new job
Prayers are needed for 3 yr. Lucas who has been running high fevers; that the Doctors find out what is causing them and can make him well

Prayers needed for Robert Murley; recovery from surgery and several falls and for his wife Joan who is his caregiver

Prayers for Charlie B who is at Aldens recovering from a stroke and for his family

Prayers for a successful recovery for Terry who had open-heart surgery and an aneurism removed

Prayers for Elizabeth Fixmer, successful recovery from surgery & for health and spiritual well being

Prayers are needed for a parishioner's grandson, Caleb (13months) who is in the pediatric intensive care unit in Salt Lake City and prayers for his family 

Continued prayers for Mary Schlesner’s recovery from surgery appreciated

Prayers needed for Ron Knoble whose cancer has returned

Prayers for St. Joseph parishioners in assisted living and nursing homes

Prayers for those who have lost or are losing their jobs because of plant closings or downsizing

Prayers for all those grieving the loss of a loved one

Prayers for all petitions added during this month


Please pray for the parents of Tim Voss. His Mom has a heart surgery emergency & his Dad's Parkinson is getting worse.

Prayers for healing for Linda Behling with various medical problems with infection, breathing problems, so she can become strong, and walk without hindrances

Prayers needed for Brian Vale who had a cardiac arrest, is not doing well and prayers for his family

Prayers are needed for a young, hardworking man whose work hours are being reduced and he's afraid of how the financial stress will affect him and his family

The baby who had major heart surgery is progressing well. Please keep prayers that the baby can come home soon

and strength for his parents

Prayers for a young man who ran away from home because of difficulty with his family, that he is in a safe place until he is able to resolve those issues and find peace in his life

Prayers for a gentleman who needs to find lasting happiness in his life

Prayers for Linda Maasz-Schaller; successful recovery from surgery

Prayers requested for Hans for a speedy and healthy recovery from open-heart surgery

Prayers needed for a high school student in critical condition

Prayers needed for a parishioner's friend's daughter Carmen who fell and suffered a traumatic brain injury and had to have a portion of her skull removed to relieve pressure


The man diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and had an intense treatment regimen at Froedert is now 100 days post transplant and his new bone marrow is starting to flourish

Prayers requested for a parishioner's Sister-in-Law, Joan, who is steadily declining due to increased congestive heart failure and addition problems resulting from this.  The family could use extra prayers during this time of struggle to accept Joan's condition

Prayers needed for the successful recovery of 3 yr. old Luke who had brain surgery

Prayers are needed for a young man who was attacked by a gang of Asian boys in Appleton. He is in critical condition with severe head and brain injuries.

Prayers for Norma, continued recovery from serious cancer surgery


Prayers for Larry Starkweather whose cancer has returned

Prayers for a girl who lost her mother to cancer and her father who committed suicide 

​For a boy who lost hi​s mother in a hit and run accident

Continued prayers for the recovery of Sheldon Mielke

Prayers needed for Joy Witkins' sister who has been diagnosed with ALS.

Prayers needed for a 14 year old boy with suicidal thoughts​

For a parishioner's family friend, Ron K. who is having open heart surgery

For a parishioner's personal Intention and in thanksgiving for prayers answered

Greg Gehred needs prayers for recovery from serious back problems and other health problems

Prayers needed for Ellie Hahnl - her feet are not working correctly, and her eyes sight is failing

Prayers for a parishioner's friend Richard, from Nevada, just diagnosed with leukemia

Continued prayers for Jill suffering with severe multiple scleroses and for her husband who is caring for her and also has health problems


Prayers for Bob Emrich who is having cardiac trouble

Prayers needed for Emma, successful recovery from shunt surgery

For Jim, a complete recovery from hip surgery

For Tom & family, strength to endure the diagnosis of cancer and accept God’s will

Prayers needed for Linda who has some health issues

Prayers for Ron Lima; recovery from cancer

Prayers for Fr. Bill; recovery from recent heart surgery and successful cardiac rehab

Prayers for Jane Folk; continued recovery from cancer and successful treatment

For a full recovery for Cheryl, a young wife and mother who just had a brain tumor removed

Prayers needed for Nicholas Brayton who is going through some difficult times

Please pray for Bob who is suffering from kidney failure. 

Prayers needed for a young man fighting terminal cancer

Prayers for the recovery of Samantha Lannan who was a passenger in the car with Hannah Church

Prayers needed for Estelle Weissman who is at Fairhaven and is not doing well

Please pray for all who were in the path of Hurricane Mathew

Please pray for our Lord’s Love and help for a struggling single mom and her children


Prayers for a young man who was hospitalized twice, requiring CPR from a drug overdose. Please pray that he find a path of complete healing and recovery.

Prayers needed for Mary who has breast cancer, which is now spreading

Continued for prayers for Cheri, battling a serious illness, that she may have a complete recovery.

Prayers needed for successful recovery for Jon Patzer who had a liver transplant last fall; everything was going well, but now the bile ducts are closing so he had surgery to attach them to the intestine


Prayers for Kathy Langhoff diagnosed with cancer

Prayers are needed for a young man hurt in a motorcycle accident and prayers for his family


Prayers needed for a man who had intense treatment for acute myeloid leukemia and when strong enough needs a stem cell transplant also prayers needed for the donor sibling

Prayers are needed for Erin, as she has a herniated disk and is in a lot of pain
Prayers are needed for successful surgery for a parishioner’s friend, for a tumor in the skull lining

Prayers needed for 13 yr. old Michael who has had spinal surgery for severe scoliosis

Prayers needed for infant twin Anya, to gain weight needed for necessary surgery

Prayers needed for a little boy named Thomas


Prayers for Kayla Letheby, who suffered a severe brain injury in a car accident and for her family

Continued prayers for Karen suffering with trigeminal neuralgia and also needing knee surgery

Prayers for Chris with mental illness

Prayers for a young mother of three recently diagnosed with breast cancer as she begins her treatment.  Prayers also for strength for her husband and family

Prayers are much needed for a parishioner’s friend who had hip surgery, become septic, was taken to UW, had another surgery for a perforated intestine and now is very ill and weak

Theresa Kempfer is done with immunotherapy treatments and needs prayers for successful results

Prayers for the Romens family on the death of brother Alan, and for sister Donna, battling lung cancer

For a family dealing with their autistic son and the decision to place him in a group setting


Prayers for Colleen Lynn; recovery from her suffering

Prayers for Judy Maas ~ successful recovery from surgery

Prayers for Diane who has been battling Ovarian Cancer for about a year

Prayers needed for Wayne Wester recently diagnosed with cancer


Prayers for a young pregnant mother on bed rest, that her baby will continue to grow without further complications and be born healthy

Prayers for Margie who is very ill in a hospital in Milwaukee.

Prayer for Kent Hoffman, healing from falls and of cancer

Our CCD Coordinator, Norma Mayans, needs prayers for successful cancer treatment

Prayers for the recovery of Bruce Knapp, hospitalized with a heart attack

Successful treatment & recovery for a parishioner’s niece Michelle Rabold, with 3rd stage breast cancer & other problems

Continued prayers for health and well being for Walt Herrmann would be appreciated


Prayers for a young man for successful recovery from surgery on a collapsed lung

Prayers for a parishioner’s son-in-law to help battle the sudden onset of multiple serious medical problems, with many tests and procedures and for his family to help them deal with his illness

Prayers for Sandy; successful recovery from heart valve replacement surgery

Prayers needed for AmyJo, a young mother of a 3 year old. Her ovarian cancer has returned and she once again will be having chemo

Prayers for Linda Caccitolo, being treated for bone cancer


For updates on any of these petitions, or for new requests:  phone:  Judy Mueller  563-6867  


Please let me know if any petitions that were removed need to be put back on. Petitions not terminal or cancer are removed

after six months and all petitions are removed after one year.

If you would like them on longer, give me a call, or email and I will give them a current date.


Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us.                                                                               Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen.


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