Light of the World

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Lent of 2020
February 28th - March 2nd


“I was renewed by taking part in the Light of the World retreat. The warmth and testimony and faith of my fellow parishioners, the compassionate guidance of Father Pete, the opportunities to meet God my Savior in deep prayer, and the FOOD were beyond words to describe. I look forward to coming retreats which I believe will renew our parish. Try it; you’ll like it.” 
~ Pat Bries

“My husband and I attended the Light of the World Retreat because we felt this tug, something telling us we needed to go. The speakers after Mass proclaiming the profound effect it had on their lives certainly helped that gut-feeling become a reality. Praise God we did, because it has kindled a base for us to grow in our faith—a base we wouldn’t have found on our own. We have found brothers and sisters of God who we now are pleased to call good friends. Hearing perspectives of spiritual life from all ages was such a gift. This retreat has given us a sense of community at church and a support group for when we rise and fall on our journey to the Kingdom of God. Yes, it’s changed us. We will be at the next retreat and every one we are able to make after. Childcare was also provided for our 2-year-old son, the food was endless, and hugs were not in short supply. I pray that as you read this, you let the Holy Spirit guide you, and may it lead you to the door of St.Joseph’s in July for the next retreat. You will not regret giving up ONE weekend for this experience. Believe us.”  ~ Taylor Stuehler