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Faith Formation

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Who needs faith formation? Everyone! 
We're all on a journey to discover God's plan for us.
The faith journey begins at home with our parents and family. Image result for catholic faith formation gifIt continues with our teachers, friends, and mentors. We start out like lumps of clay, ready to be formed by the hands of God.
Through continuous learning, 
we come to know God's love and His longing for us to be fully alive in the teachings of Christ.
The sources of learning are endless: Catholic School, the Mass, study of the Saints, youth and adult formation, retreats, speakers, books, videos, and so on. 
Through continual faith formation, we grow from formless lumps of clay, into beautiful vessels,
each one of us crafted by our Father's loving hands for a unique purpose.
Let the journey continue!

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Religious Education Classes 
for 1st grade through high school 
are held on Wednesdays 
from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.
We kick off the year with our family Mass in mid September followed by a mandatory parent meeting.

 RE Calendar (update this fall) 
 RE expectations

 2017-2018 registration for 1st grade through high school has begun!
Click here to print the 2017-2018 registration form.

Norma Mayans, 1st-5th Grade Coordinator
920-563-3029 ext. 1103
Melissa Coleman, 6th-11th Grade Coordinator

920-563-3029 ext. 1102

Reminder: we follow the public school district cancellation decisions.

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