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Adult Formation

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Adult Education Classes
Do you feel called to deepen your relationship with God?

Are you an adult Catholic who hasn't yet completed the sacraments of First Eucharist, Reconciliation, or Confirmation? 

Are you exploring the possibility of becoming Catholic?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, consider joining our Adult Education Class on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. The next class will begin in September. All are welcome!

For more information
Contact Father Pete!
Office (920) 563-3029
Mobile (608)574-8357

Already confirmed?
Practice continuous learning!
Our Adult Education class begins in the fall. Check back here for registration details.

Adult Faith Formation

Prayer Groups
Catholic Book Clubs
Devotional Reading
Study of the Saints
Meditation on the Scriptures
Daily recitation of the Rosary
Consecration to Mary

Retreat Registration!!


“I was renewed by taking part in the Light of the World retreat. The warmth and testimony and faith of my fellow parishioners, the compassionate guidance of Father Pete, the opportunities to meet God my Savior in deep prayer, and the FOOD were beyond words to describe. I look forward to coming retreats which I believe will renew our parish. Try it; you’ll like it.”
~ Pat Bries

“My husband and I attended the Light of the World Retreat because we felt this tug, something telling us we needed to go. The speakers after Mass proclaiming the profound effect it had on their lives certainly helped that gut-feeling become a reality. Praise God we did, because it has kindled a base for us to grow in our faith—a base we wouldn’t have found on our own. We have found brothers and sisters of God who we now are pleased to call good friends. Hearing perspectives of spiritual life from all ages was such a gift. This retreat has given us a sense of community at church and a support group for when we rise and fall on our journey to the Kingdom of God. Yes, it’s changed us. We will be at the next retreat and every one we are able to make after. Childcare was also provided for our 2-year-old son, the food was endless, and hugs were not in short supply. I pray that as you read this, you let the Holy Spirit guide you, and may it lead you to the door of St.Joseph’s in July for the next retreat. You will not regret giving up ONE weekend for this experience. Believe us.”  ~ Taylor Stuehler

How amazing it was to have so much of the parish involved in giving and supporting the retreat. WOW! So much joy filled the halls, and the family we built together continues to grow beyond the retreat. A huge thank you to all parish members for your prayers—and to anyone we may have missed in the Thank You's below! 
~ The Light of the World Team
Fr. Peter Auer, Stacy Blang, Melissa Coleman, Janine Fixmer, Don Foltz, Becky Garcia, Cesar Garcia, Lorenzo Gonzalez, Pedro Gonzalez, Dan Hegeman, PegHuckabee, Deb Keckeisen, Vicki Keogh, Fred Keogh, Andy Koehler, Judy Lyons, Curt McCulley, Vivan Pilior, Barb Russell, Maggie Seiler, Paul Smyth, Mary Wendt, Tim Voss

Prayer Warriors: Linda Caccitolo, Deb Hegeman, Lorin Koch & Betty Meier
Food Donations:
Beauty and the Bean,Jeff Boos,Melissa Coleman,
Rebecca Garcia,
Olive Gross, Debbie Hegeman, Jerome Holtz, Peg Huckabee, Audrey Kammer, Deb Keckeisen,Vicki Keogh, Knights of Columbus, Lorin Koch,Sally Koehler, Colleen Larsen,Judy Lyons, Sue Marshall, Beth McCulley, Betty Meier, Jeanette Millison, Midge Nelson,Bonnie Roub, Maisie Roub Allie,Barb Russell, Linda Scott-McCabe, Carrie Shockman, Michele Simonson, Linda Straub, Joanne Sturms, Alyssa Tess, Tim Voss, Mary Wendt, Stephanie Wendt,Michelle Wood.
Hospitality Team: Melissa Coleman,Lisa Hoffman,Jerome Holtz,Pat Holtz, Kari Homb, Vicki Keogh (Lead), Sally Koehler,Beth McCulley,Midge Nelson,Barb Russell, Alyssa Tess
Teen Helpers:
Courtney Majeres,Racheal Gerondale,Tony Maffiola,Taylor Romens, Miguel Valezquez, Christie Worden.