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The promotion of the practice of stewardship is important for the mission of the Church and for the spiritual well-being of each individual Christian.
Everyone benefits from the sacrificial gift one makes of
 his time, talent, and treasure.”

  Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI  to His Excellency The Most Reverend James Patrick Keleher, S.T.D.

The concept of stewardship, embraces a spiritual relationship with God. It is not a program, but a spiritual consciousness or way-of-life,
based in Scripture, which holds that all we are and all we have flows from God's varied grace.
In turn, we serve as spiritual caretakers of  those blessings.

Consider St. Joseph Parish in your Estate Planning
Planned giving is exactly what the name implies. It is giving that is planned in advance as part of an individual's estate provisions.
For example, when someone prepares a will, one is making advance arrangements to take care of loved ones and for leaving a legacy to an organization one cares about.
After making sure you have cared for your loved ones, please consider a planned gift to St. Joseph Parish.
Planned giving takes many forms. Cash, stocks, appreciated properties, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, and life insurance are some of the forms a gift can take.
Always consult with your attorney or financial advisor on matters affecting your specific situation.)

In their Pastoral Letter on Stewardship, a Disciple’s Response, the U.S. bishops state:
The Christian steward is one who receives God’s gifts gratefully, cherishes and tends them in a responsible and accountable manner, shares them in justice and love with others, and returns them with increase to the Lord.

Stewardship involves all of life
While pastors and others usually only speak of stewardship in terms of Time, Talent and Treasure, the truth is that stewardship involves all of life – body, mind and spirit, our material possessions, friendships, etc. All we are and have is a gift from our Creator for us to use wisely to build up God’s kingdom here on earth.

Time is a very precious gift. Most of us feel we don’t have enough time for all the things we want to do. Everyone is given the same amount of time: 24 hours each day, 168 hours each week. The question is: How do we choose to use our time? Henry David Thoreau once said:

“It is not enough to be busy, so are ants.
The question is what are we busy about?”

All of us have been blessed with various talents, whether we are aware of it or not, or whether we have developed our talents or not. Of course, it is usually not possible to develop all of our talents. But, ideally, we can and should develop some of them and use them wisely to bless the communities we belong to.

There are over 2,300 verses in the Bible about money, possessions and the right use of them. Why is this? Perhaps because God knows our propensity to misuse money or allow it to distract us from keeping our eyes on him.

Tithing. When it comes to financial support of our church family, the biblical ideal is a tithe—or 10%—of one’s income. Our Catholic Church leaders suggest giving 5-7% your Church and 1-2 % to the Diocese and 2-3% to a charity of your choice. Most Catholics who tithe reach this ideal gradually. In this area of stewardship, one of the most important steps to consider is to become an ‘intentional giver’—as opposed to a ‘loose change giver.’ An intentional giver is one who has the willing diligence to ‘do the math,’ that is, to look at his/her annual income and then prayerfully and intentionally decide what percentage should be set aside for the support of the church and for charity.

Five reasons to be serious and generous with our financial resources
God expects us to be generous even if our financial resources are not much. Remember how Jesus praised the poor widow for her generosity to the Temple (Mark 12:41-44).
We could have been born in a slum, begging for food every day. Reflection on this accident of our birth should motivate us to be generous with our material blessings.
Consistent financial giving is the best medicine for our greedy tendencies.
Generous financial giving helps to make us a little more like our good and generous God.
It feels good to experience the joy of giving.
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