Protecting God's Children

  Protecting God's Children Online Process
Keeping the Children Safe
Direction to sign up for compliance with "Keeping the Children Safe"
          Useful links:
                Diocesan Web Page
                Diocesan Safe Environment Page
                Diocesan Virtus Page

Get Started
          You can go online and link up with the following:

               First:    VIRTUS Online Registration Link  (URL:
                Help if Needed:
                Please Email Pat Neal at  
                You may also seek help at VIRTUS by calling 1-888-847-8870
                Or by email at

          This online process has taken the place of the Protecting God's Children Class that was taught at St. Joseph Parish by Mrs. Kari Homb or Fr. Pete Auer.  If  you have received your certification through a Virtus Protecting God's Children Class, you do not need to take the class again.

          Blessings, Kari and Fr. Pete