Pope Francis' Top 10 Tips for Happiness

Pope Francis' Secrets to Happiness
  • "Live and Let Live"
  • "Be Giving of Yourself to Others"
  • "Proceed Calmly"
  • "Have a Healthy Sense of Leisure"
  • "Sundays Should Be Holidays"
  • "Find Innovative Ways to Create Dignified Jobs for Young People"
  • "Respect and Take Care of Nature"
  • "Stop Being Negative"
  • "Don't proselytise; respect others' beliefs"
  • "Work for Peace"
Those who approach the sacrament of Penance obtain pardon from God’s mercy for the offense committed against him,   Click here for the Reconciliation Schedule for Advent.

Parish Mission

St. Joseph Parish is a community of Catholic Christians in the Diocese of Madison established over 100 years ago and providing over 75 years of Catholic schooling.

We are committed to loving God, serving our neighbors, and continuing to deepen our faith, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, by striving:
  • to deepen the faith of our community through worship, sacramental life and liturgies
  • to share in stewardship with our time, talent, and treasure;
  • to enlighten and educate adults, youth and children in our Catholic Christian Traditional values
  • to provide sound academic and spiritual opportunities through a parochial school
  • to be a witness of Christ’s love through evangelization
  • to discern the needs of the people in the parish and the larger community and identify resources to meet those needs
  • to justly administer parish personnel and supportive resources through sound fiscal management practices;
  • to live the gospel values of community with a strong sense of belonging and involvement, evidenced by loving sensitivity, care and action-sharing with persons in our parish community, the local community and beyond.
Finally we commit ourselves as a Faith Community to make Christ, as Lord, present in our everyday world through the Eucharist, focusing on the need to be reconciled first with one another.

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